Michelin Gets Naming Rights for Road Atlanta

Braselton, GA — Michelin announced Oct. 12 that it has inked an agreement with Road Atlanta for exclusive naming rights of the racetrack, effective in 2019.
The track will be renamed Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, and it’s the first time Michelin has secured naming rights of a racetrack. The agreement is also the first such partnership for Road Atlanta, located about 100 miles from Michelin North America’s headquarters in Greenville, S.C.
Currently, Michelin North America serves as the official tire partner at Road Atlanta. The front straight bridge is branded with the Michelin Man, and the company’s presence is on many other signs throughout the 750-acre property. That existing presence will increase next year as Michelin receives naming rights to the entire road racing facility.
The Michelin partnership will also serve as the cornerstone for a new control tower. Plans for Michelin Tower include a 300-person hospitality suite on the main floor, a media center and broadcast booths on the second floor, six hospitality suites on the third floor and four hospitality suites and race control on the fourth floor. The tower will also include a rooftop viewing deck and a catering kitchen.
Michelin’s affiliation with Road Atlanta dates back to the early days of the racetrack, completed in 1970. Michelin tires have competed on the historic grounds of Road Atlanta for decades, and Michelin has used its racing success to continuously improve its product line. The racetrack has always served as a testing ground for Michelin tires during competition, and under the new agreement, the company will have access to conduct driving events for customers and consumers.
“Michelin’s and Road Atlanta’s histories intersect at so many points that it would be impossible to separate them, and this partnership will solidify that bond,” said Geoff Lee, president and general manager at Road Atlanta. “To have such a forward-thinking partner in Michelin has afforded even more stability to this top-rated international destination.”