Gilmore Car Museum Hosting “Women Who Motor” Exhibit

Hickory Corners, MI — The role of women in inventing, engineering, designing, racing and buying cars is the subject of an exhibit at the Gilmore Car Museum that runs through July 2020.

Photo: Gilmore Car Museum

The exhibit’s run at Gilmore follows its debut at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford home, and features a range of conveyances — from a reproduction of the Carl Benz’ 1886 Patent-motorwagen that Bertha Benz drove with two of their sons on what is considered the first car road trip to the 2005 Panoz that Danica Patrick drove in her rookie year in the Indianapolis 500.

Also included are the cars of Alice Ramsey, Helene Rother, Margaret Elizabeth Sauer, Audrey Moore, Betty Skelton and many others — along with plenty of accompanying historical information.