New Owner Will Go Vintage Racing With 1969 Bill Wesell Greenwood Corvette

Bowling Green, OH – The Bill “Snoopy” Wesell 1969 Greenwood-bodied C3 Corvette put up for sale by Genius Garage founder Casey Putsch back in February for $5,000 has found a new home. Sam Every, a 25-year-old mechanic from upstate New York, will go vintage racing with one of the most-winning Corvettes in IMSA, Trans-Am and SCCA racing history with 97 victories.

And the legendary Bill Wesell Corvette goes to…young racer Sam Every. Photo: Casey Putsch/Genius Garage

“When I first saw Casey’s video putting Snoop’s car up for sale, it felt like he was talking to me,” Every said. “I never thought I would have an opportunity like this so early in my career. Until now, I have never spent more than $2,000 on a car.”

Every is very familiar with Corvettes. After graduating from Vassar College in 2017, he pursued his passion and landed a job building vintage race cars and restoring old Corvettes at Jim Glass Corvette in Kingston, N.Y. With an eye on the future, Every recently earned his full SCCA competition license in a 1965 B production he built on the job. Meet Every in this video.

“The most important thing about Snoopy’s car is its history, the story this car could tell,” Every said. “I am looking forward to preserving its history and making some of my own. I have dedicated my life so far to vintage racing and turning wrenches. One day, I am going to roll that car in baby blue out of my trailer and show everyone in Group 5 what I am capable of. This car means so much to me and I want to see more people my age in vintage racing so it can have a future. I love what the Genius Garage is doing for young people and the opportunity Casey has given me.”

“I am so glad that this car is going to get the chance to take to a race track again and in the capable hands of young person like Sam who is as passionate about vintage and historic racing as I am,” said Putsch. “I am confident he will carry forward the future standard for young men and women in the world of vintage racing.”