VM Back Issue Spotlight: Long Beach Grand Prix History

The start in 1977, considered by many to be the best LBGP ever, as Jody Scheckter’s Wolf-Ford WR1 grabs the lead. Photo: David Hutson

As we continue our 50% off back issue sale, we are showcasing a few prime examples of the issues available. Today’s choice is the combination of the May/June and July/Aug 2014 issues. These issues feature a wonderful two-part history of the Long Beach Grand Prix from award-winning historian Janos Wimpffen.

This weekend would have been the 46th iteration of “USA’s Monaco Grand Prix” and we found it a fitting time to look back, reflect, and then look forward to next year when the streets are filled with race cars again.



The story begins in 1973 with travel agency owner and Long Beach resident Chris Pook, and carries us through over 40 years of history on the streets of Long Beach. *Note* Look for our upcoming preview of Chris Pook & The History of the Long Beach Grand Prix (the new book from Racemaker Press) soon.

If these issues are not already in your collection head on over to our online store to order them and enjoy. Thank you all for your continued support of Vintage Motorsport!