Photos: Days one and two of the SVRA Vintage Festival at Road America

Elkhart Lake, WI — Racers and spectators were greeted with “perfect” weather yesterday as all parties were eager to get back to racing. Check back to our preview story for the schedule, entry list, and ticket information for the event. Stay tuned for more coverage including a story in the upcoming July/Aug with photos from Scott Paceley and words from VM Columnist Burt (B.S.) Levy.

Jim Cantrell (1964 Chevrolet Corvette) and Nick Groose (1963 Chevrolet Corvette) making the most of their time on track. Photo: Scott Paceley
James Jackson (1964 Porsche 356) dives into Turn 5 with Jeff Johnk (1959 Austin Healey 100/6) close behind. Photo: Scott Paceley
Photo: Scott Paceley
A trio of Mazda Miatas braking for Turn 5 led by Marc Cefalo. Photo: Scott Paceley
Jim Johnston looking good in his 2004 Swift O14 Formula Atlantic. Photo: Scott Paceley
You can almost hear this pair go by… Dave Carlson in his 1997 Ford T-Bird NASCAR and Tim Kezman in his 2008 Dodge Viper. Photo: Scott Paceley
More action from Turn 5 with James Cope leading this group of sports racers in his 1986 Swift DB 2. Photo: Scott Paceley
She may not be very vintage but Roland Veit’s 2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge still looks and goes fast. Photo: Scott Paceley
Photo: Scott Paceley