Friday Photos: VSCCA Fall Finale at Lime Rock Park

Vintage Motorsport contributor and photographer Bill Stoler was on location at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut Friday and Saturday, covering the VSCCA Fall Finale event, which wraps up the VSCCA racing season as the beautiful fall colors settle in around this iconic racetrack. Since motor racing is banned on Sundays in Connecticut, no racing takes place today.

Friday morning rain kept some competitors in the paddock, but many went out to test their wet weather driving skills. Saturday’s racing took place under clear skies.

No less than 18 Alfa Romeos were entered for VSCCA’s Fall Finale weekend. Here Ed Potter’s ’59 Giulietta leads Bill Shields’ ’73 GTV and Whit Smith’s ’58 Sprint.
As the rain falls on Friday, Marc Cendron gives a wave on the cool-off lap running his ’57 Tojeiro Climax sports racer.
When the rains came on Friday, George Holman decided to head for the paddock in his 1929 Stutz Special.
Eric Minoff thoroughly enjoyed racing his 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Berlina.
Butch O’Connor powers out of Big Bend in his ’59 MGA.
Peter Greenfield braved the wet circuit in his 1933 Alfa 2600 Monza.