Vintage Motorsport Experiences Remarkable Growth on Digital and Social Channels

Photo: Nick Lish (Vintage Motorsport)

Irvine, CA — Thank you to our loyal readers and advertisers for supporting Vintage Motorsport through the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone in the motorsport industry and media sector, we’ve had our share of challenges to overcome but there is good news amid all the difficulties that 2020 has delivered.

Our mission has been to expand the core audience for the sport of vintage racing and the collector car market while at the same time elevating the presence of the Vintage Motorsport brand on our RACER digital and social media platforms to reach and engage those who are new potential participants and fans — and it is working. Brand-wide average 2020 monthly metrics pdf.

Vintage Motorsport’s overall audience grew significantly during the 365-day period from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020 compared to the previous 365-day period. Admittedly, we were impacted by the closure of some newsstands from May through August but during this time our subscriber base grew by 4% to 9,400 and our newsstand distribution has returned. We are back to full strength while Vintage Motorsport’s online reach and engagement has soared. 2020 month-by-month metrics pdf.

In addition to the growth for shown in the graph above, the full picture of Vintage Motorsport’s enhanced digital reach and engagement is demonstrated by comparing metrics from September 2020 to June 2019, the last month of stewardship under the previous ownership. users: 16,956 vs. 2,035

Facebook reach / engagement: 38,358 / 2,481 vs. 9,183 / 311

Twitter impressions / engagements: 18,738 / 272 vs. 0

Instagram impressions / engagements: 3,701 / 570 vs. 0

Vintage Motorsport channel on 27,852 vs. 0

VM channel on social reach / engagement: 260,587 / 11,051 vs. 0

Shares of VM channel content from 1,542 vs. 0

E-newsletter subscriptions: 11,700 vs. 9,923

We believe that 2021 will be a year of renewal, growth and commercial energy for the sport as the world overcomes the pandemic. We stand ready to expand the audience for the sport and help you grow your business.

-Paul Pfanner, Executive Publisher and CEO, Racer Media & Marketing, Inc.