1970 Muscle Cars, Racing Porsche 935 Seminar Coming to Amelia Island Concours

Jacksonville, FL — A special class of 1970 Muscle Cars will grace the May 23 Amelia Island Concours, thanks to the Wellborn Musclecar Museum and its devotion to the great American cars of the 1960s and 1970s.

Photo: World of Speed Museum

“By 1972, air pollution controls hobbled all American cars with air pumps, etc., and muscle cars suffered more than most,” said Bill Warner, founder and chairman of the Amelia Island Concours. “That’s why 1970 is considered the apogee of the muscle car era.”

“For generations of American drivers, the GTO, GSX, 442, Hemi Chargers, ‘Cudas and Superbirds — not Ferraris, Porsches or Lamborghinis — are still the ultimate fantasy cars,” said Warner. “The current collectable car market proves that.”

Also part of the Amelia Island events is a May 22 seminar hosted by NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief Ray Evernham (featured with his favorite race in the Jan/Feb 2021 Vintage Motorsport magazine) that will share stories of preparing, racing and writing rules for the Porsche 935 when it raced in IMSA. Get event tickets.

Evernham will be joined by panelists Hurley Haywood (Interscope, Bayside and Brumos Racing); David Hobbs (John Fitzpatrick Racing); Kevin Jeannette (Swap Shop Racing crew chief); Mark Raffauf (VP of Competition at IMSA); Brian Redman (Dick Barbour Racing); and Alwin Springer (ANDIAL).