Registration Open for September Put-in-Bay Races

Put-in-Bay, OH — Registration opened New Year’s Day for the Sept. 21-24 vintage racing event at Ohio’s historic Put-in-Bay, with races at the Put-in-Bay airport scheduled for Sept. 22-23. With most entrants carrying forward their registrations for the canceled 2020 event, organizers are optimistic that this year’s installment will attract a large entry list.

Photo: Stu Kerr/Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races

They have built on the enthusiasm of 2019’s “Tin-Top” celebration to invite drivers of vintage Volvos, VWs and Saabs as official featured marques. The Turner Reunion will also return as part of the featured marque group, along with a contingent of Crosley/similarly-powered specials including several Berkeleys.

All entrants with featured marque status are eligible for discounted entry fees and special races. Plus, there will be the usual array of entrants racing in multiple classes in four groups plus exhibition.

Photo: Stu Kerr/Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races

In addition to the on-track race entries, there are non-racing participant categories for Heritage Street Cars (qualified pre-1964 cars) and Guest Street Cars (generally post-1963 to 1972).

The event is also the third leg of the Great Lakes Vintage Challenge where entrants in several production classes and in Formula Vee accumulate race-finishing points at the Waterford Hills Vintage Races, VSCDA’s Au Grattan event and at Put-in-Bay.

Put-in-Bay hosted racing for small-bore sports cars through the streets of the island enclave from 1952 to 1959 and once more in 1963.

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