VIDEO: Fastest Production Porsche Ever Stars in Latest Brumos “Inside the 59” Episode

Photo: Brumos Collection

The fastest production Porsche ever manufactured is a big draw for visitors to Jacksonville, Florida’s, The Brumos Collection: The 2015 plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder, complete with a factory paint job featuring the iconic red and blue Brumos sweeps, plays a starring role in the latest edition of the popular “Inside the 59” series.

Premiering today, Sept. 2, the episode features action footage blended with close-up detail shots of the Brumos 918 supercar.

“Every vehicle in our collection has earned its spot thanks to the historical significance it brings to bear. While this 918 Spyder isn’t old, the innovations it pioneered are undeniably historic for Porsche and for the world of racing,” said Brandon Starks, Executive Director of The Brumos Collection. “Many of its features are borrowed from its predecessors, such as its carbon fiber chassis, which was initially developed for the Carrera GT, and its all-wheel drive, which harkens back to the 959. At the same time, it features innovations such as a brand new cooling system and a hybrid-electric engine configuration that sets the standard for the hybrids of tomorrow.”