VIDEO: Gas Ronda at the 1966 Green Valley Raceway AHRA’s World Point Championship Finale

Photo: Peter Harholdt / Vintage Motorsport

Like many of our readers, I am a bit of a purist and quite ritualistic when it comes to reading the magazine. I try to avoid reading any of it digitally and wait anxiously for the tangible prefect-bound issue to arrive.

Back when I was working in an office and the latest issue was delivered, I would park myself at at a local eatery’s table and treat myself to a European-length lunch to dive into a few of the features. It’s a tradition that’s stuck with me even though I no longer work in an office and rarely go out to lunch.

With Phoenix weather becoming less oven-like I blocked out some time to get acquainted with the latest (Nov/Dec 2021) issue. I started with the cover car and the subject of the salon feature – Gas Ronda’s 1965 Ford Mustang 427 A/FX.

After reading about the history from Jim McCraw and gawking at the always glorious photos from Peter Harholdt, I did what I’m sure many others do after something piques their interest – I hopped on my computer and starting looking for anything more I could read, watch, or hear about Gas Ronda.

I quickly came across a wonderful playlist of YouTube videos centered around Gas Ronda that Bill McCurdy put together. Atop that list was this fabulous footage from the 1966 AHRA World Point Challenge Finale at Green Valley Raceway in Smithfield. Texas.

At just under 54 minutes it is a lengthy watch, but recaps the entire event including many of the races and plenty of interviews as well. Certainly some welcome context from someone who is always eager to learn more. Enjoy!