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Model # -Road Racing Special
Now a distant memory, the road racing special added a unique flavor to motorsport. During 1992-93, Vintage Motorsport magazine published a 10-part series in honor of the bygone era. Featuring the superb efforts of the late Dean Batchelor and Pete Lyons, the Road Racing Specials series was the product of more than 100 contributors with automotive racing historian extraordinaire Jim Sitz as its chief scrutineer.
Considering the professional and authoritative qualifications of its creators, the Road Racing Specials series is a reliable reference resource. Unfortunately, several issues of the 10-part series were soon sold out. Because these issues are no longer available and to provide the added convenience of compiling and indexing the complete series, Vintage Motorsport is proud to announce the Road Racing Specials book. The 264-page, hardback book is thoroughly indexed with a commentary section of follow-up letters offering additional information.
The Road Racing Specials book is available exclusively through Vintage Motorsport magazine.
Weight - 1 oz. per Each
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Model # Ayrton Senna
With a selection of 105 of his finest photographs, Paul-Henri Cahiers Ayrton Senna: Through My Eye follows the magical driver from Sao Paulo over his 10 blistering fast years on the circuits of the world, until his untimely, tragic death at Imola in 1994 . Also included in the book are 18 pages of text in which Paul-Henri explains how he came to be a fulltime Formula 1 photographer and, in his opinion, what made Senna so devastatingly quick.
While the photographs stand alone, 9 pages of captions and thumbnail images give the reader a reference for where they were taken and what the mood and circumstances were at the time.
Author: Paul-Henri Cahiers
Format: 11" x 11", 176 Pages, Hardbound
Photos: 105 Color Photographs, 18 Pages of Text

Weight - 1 oz. per Each
$19.95 Product Out of Stock

Model # BS 01
The first book in BS Levy's celebrated "Buddy Palumbo" series about a 19-year-old New Jersey gas station mechanic who gets swept up in the world of open road sports car racing during the Eisenhower fifties. Hilarious, heartwarming & historically spot-on. A genuine cult classic.

Weight - 1 oz. per Each
$25.00 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

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Auto - BS 01 (453054560) (Click Here)
Model # BS 02
The sequel. More and bigger racing, road trip and wrench project adventures. The '52 Mexican Road Race, Sebring '53 and lots more. 2000 Benjamin Franklin "Book of the Year" award-winner.

$30.00 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

Model # BS 04
The fourth book in the series visits the California & Hollywood sports car scenes, then ventures on to Europe during racing's dangerous and glamorous golden era of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

$35.00 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

Model # BS 05
Absolutely hilarious short stories and wild motoring adventures perfectly suited to the most important room in the house (next to the garage, that is....).

$25.00 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

Model # Corvette Thunder
No other American car has as rich a heritage in motorsports as the Corvette. Within three years of its introduction, the Corvette was setting speed records and winning races against the best the world could offer. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Written by noted automotive historian Dave Friedman and published by Dick Guldstrand, Corvette Thunder is illustrated by some 650 photographs and tells a fascinating story, full of plot twists and midnight shenanigans featuring some of the most famed characters who ever walked on pit road.
Along with the treasure trove of photos gleaned from archives all over the world, Corvette Thunder has first person recollections from many of the drivers who helped the Corvette into a dominating force in racing. Men like Dr. Dick Thompson, John Fitch, Roger Penske, Dan Gurney, Jim Hall, Doug Hooper, Tony DeLorenzo and Big Jim Jeffords, to name just a few.

Hard-bound with a handsome slip case, Corvette Thunder is a must have for any racing enthusiast.
$75.00 Product Out of Stock

Model # Bernard Cahier
Memoirs of an Automotive Journalist. Two Hardcover Volumes w/Slipcase. 768pp. 1330 b&w photos.

Bernard Cahier attended his first Grand Prix at Monza in 1952, taking photos with a Kodak Retina II. From that moment, he entered the world of motor racing, seldom without his cameras.
During the decades of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, he saw it all, much of it recorded on film. Along the way, he made many friends, all of whom are remembered here in many behind the scenes tales, and personal accounts of relationships with racings greats. Its good that Cahier completed this important work, an excellent effort racing enthusiasts will find most worthwhile.
Weight - 10 lb. per Each
$79.95 Product Out of Stock

Model # The Speed Merchants
FRAME BY FRAME - THE 70s & 80s
- Over 1000 Period Racing Photos
- Organized by Marque, Year, Driver & Track
- Can-Am. Trans-Am, Formula 1, Formula 5000, IMSA Camel GT Challenge, World Manufacturer's Championship and much more

Authors: Michael Keyser - Bill Oursler - Balfour Walker
Format: Hardcover, 9.5" X 9.5", 364 pages
Photos: 975 Color & 71 B&W images

Weight - 5 lb. per Each
$79.95 Product Out of Stock

Shelby Biography by Rinsey Mills
Model # 572012
Finally! The REAL Shelby biography with an exclusive offer from BRE; Included with each book, a 6"x9.25" archive photo reprint of the Carroll Shelby Driving School with Shelby and Peter Brock.

Rinsey Mills, noted UK author and automotive historian has left no stone unturned in the quest to produce the complete study of a remarkable life. With Carrolls collaboration, Rinsey has carried out extensive research and conducted numerous interviews with Carroll, family, friends and those who have worked with him.

Peter Brock’s thoughts on, and recommendation for, the book: “I, as many, have been talking to Rinsey for a few years now as he’s been researching and writing this book. This biography is not the usual fluff. Here at last is the real, raw, high octane truth, right from Shelby’s first memory as a child through to the present day. Mills has it all in fascinating detail that can be as outrageous as it is funny. It’s all there including the whole deeply researched early automotive history in Texas with Jim Hall, Shelby’s racing days in Europe and, of course, the legendary Cobra and Ford eras, as well as the years with Toyota and Chrysler and including Carroll’s “lost” years in Africa. It’s all etched deeply in the pages of this fantastic 400+ page volume that took Mills several years to research and write.

In his almost nine decades Shelby managed to surround himself with incredible talent and wily scoundrels who created as many byzantine problems as stellar triumphs that made Shelby one of the most colorful and controversial characters of our time. I personally recommend this fine book as one of the most interesting and intriguing biographies you’ll ever have a chance to read. Having spent several years of my life with Shelby I thought I knew more than most…I wasn’t even close. Rinsey has it all.”

$39.95 Qty (Each): Add to Cart