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La Carrera Panamericana DVD
Model # DVD
La Carrera Panamericana: The Director's Cut is the toughest, most grueling vintage race event in the world: 7 days and 2000 miles through Mexico, including 350 miles of closed public roads for full-speed racing.
This Director's Cut includes 50 minutes of previously unseen hair-raising footage. Get an even deeper insight into what it is like to experience one of the last few true motorsport adventures left in the world.
SPECIAL FEATURE: For the diehard race fan, toggle between two soundtracks: Background music ON and OFF!
La Carrera Panamericana two-disc set; Run Time: 100 min.
Weight - 1 lb. per Each
$24.95 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

Can Am McLarens 1969-1971 DVD
Model # DVD
CAN AM McLARENS 1969-1971: You'll see some of the glory and misfortunes of many Formula 1 FIA and speedway champion drivers who raced in the Can Am. The world's fastest drivers in the world's fastest cars on some of the world's best and toughest road courses. Race after race, 200 miles, flat out. No pit stops, radios, cool suits, power steering or computers.
This collection of rare footage is a bit bumpy like the roads they raced on and the cars they's like being the cockpit as you take laps around famous tracks in the U.S. and Canada. Narrated by Oscar Koveleski and Jack Deren from memories and dedicated to the SCCA and those who made it happen!
Weight - 1 lb. per Each
$24.95 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

Watkins Glen Road Racing 1959-1975 DVD
Model # DVD
FEATURES: 1963 - 1970 - 1973 - 1975 U.S. GRAND PRIX and
1969 - 1970 - 1973 CAN AM/FIA

ALSO ON THIS DVD: 1959 Seneca Cup, 1959 Formula Libre, 1960 Glen Classic, 1960 MG Races, 1960 Glen Trophy, 1960 Sports Car Grand Prix, 1964 Oneida Cup, 1964 United States Road Racing Championship, 1965 Queen Catherine Cup, 1969 Glen Trophy, 1969 Collier Memorial, 1970 Six Hours of Endurance, 1973 Formula Ford, 1973 SCCA Group 5, 1973 Formula B.
Narrated by Oscar Koveleski (Can Am Driver / President Auto World), Gary Ford (Vintage Road Racer) and Jack Deren (Team Auto World McLaren Chief Mechanic).

SPECIAL EXTRAS: Around the track with Oscar in the Auto World McLarens and a brief history of "The Bog."

Weight - 1 lb. per Each
$24.95 Qty (Each): Add to Cart

Senna DVD
Model # Senna DVD
Buckle in and hit the blacktop with Brazilian Formula One champion Ayrton Senna as filmmaker Asif Kapadia draws on archival footage to reveal how the humble world-renowned racer blasted past the competition to become a true living legend. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Weight - 1 lb. per Each
$24.99 Qty (Each): Add to Cart