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5/21/2013 - Pinehurst Concours First to Implement Electronic Scoring

VILLAGE OF PINEHURST, N.C. - The inaugural Pinehurst Concours dElegance became a trend-setter of sorts earlier this month on several fronts during the vintage automobile showcase competition, including the unveiling of a digital judging application system powered by Sprint.

"The new digital judging format was a huge success," said Pinehurst Concours Chief Judge Paul Ianuario. "To my knowledge this is the first time that a digital judging process has been used in a Concours event or any other type of car event. The judges adapted to the new format immediately and were quick to make suggestions on how to make it even more functional next year. Everyone was enthusiastic. I am sure this is the judging tool of the future for Concours events across the U.S. and the rest of the world."

Each judging team was provided a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to compute scores of the 118 entrants using a 100-point system. With the app being foreign to most judges, a local Moore County high school student was assigned to each team to help with data input. Results were almost instantaneous at the conclusion, with printouts being achieved in less than a half hour.

Pinehurst Resort caddies, decked out in white overall bibs, delivered the good news to winning entrants on the show field, and a pair of white wooden rocking chairs, which are synonymous with the famous golf resort, were staged behind each rare auto. A Chairman's Award was also judged by the same high school students that helped with the electronic scoring, having to convince Honorary Chairman Bob Ingram what car in the field was worthy of the honor.

"Our main goal was to create a memorable experience for everyone involved, from the entrants to the judges to the media to the fans," said Jay Howard, the event's executive director. "The best photo is one that doesn't need a caption. When people see pictures from our event we want everyone to immediately associate them with the Pinehurst Concours."

The Pinehurst Concours will return to Pinehurst Resort the first weekend in May for at least 2014 and 2015, with entry applications being accepted starting July 4. Next year's Pinehurst Concours will kick off a prestigious six-week period at Pinehurst Resort, which will also host the 2014 U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open on consecutive weeks in June.

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