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8/20/2013 - Masters Expands Into American Historic Racing

Masters Historic Racing is expanding into America by acquiring the operations of Historic Grand Prix Inc, America's historic Formula 1 organizer.

The new American organization will continue to organize events at America's iconic circuits as well as canvassing organizers and HGP members to get their feedback.
The organization will be provisionally run from the Masters existing UK office, with a satellite office in the U.S., organizing the events under the Masters Historic Racing
umbrella. Going forward the American series will be called Masters HGP.

The move confirms Masters Historic Racing as the leading, and largest, promoter of historic Formula 1 racing worldwide. After its own successful series of races, run over
many seasons, Masters was appointed to run the FIA Historic Formula 1 Championship in 2013. The acquisition of HGP operations allows Masters to run events in America as standalone races or as rounds of the FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 Championship in future seasons.

Ron Maydon of Masters said: "I am delighted to be able to announce this news that underlines Masters' commitment to historic Formula 1 racing around the World. Historic Grand Prix, Inc. is the only series concentrating on historic F1 in America, and we want to build on that hard work and enhance the image of historic F1 further. With one set of regulations in operation across both continents, we are hoping that it will promote more European drivers to race in America and vice versa. I'd like to pay tribute to James King, Phil Reilly and Rebecca Evans for all their hard work in the past and their confidence in Masters to allow us to take HGP forward into the future and look forward to meeting personally the drivers and car owners at future events."

HGP Director, James King, said: "Having shared values and standards with Masters for many years, Rebecca, Phil and I are very pleased to pass the torch to Ron and his proven, enthusiastic Masters Team. The HGP car owners, drivers and teams, as well as Formula 1 fans and the entire historic motorsport community, will benefit from this exciting development."

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