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10/29/2013 - F5000 Drivers Association Champions Crowned at COTA

Rochester, MI (10/28/13) The Formula 5000 Drivers Association announced the results of its race at the SVRA National Vintage Racing Championship event at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX on October 25-26, 2013.

Finishing 1st in F5000 Class A (pre-1972 cars) was Tony Adamowicz driving the 1969 Gurney Eagle in which he won the 1969 F5000 Championship. Adamowicz had a strong start in the feature race after a difficult qualifying race. Second place in Class A went to Seb Coppola in a 1970 Lola T192. Third place went to Kurt Englemann in his 1971 ex-Ron Dykes Justice Brothers Lola T192.

Finishing first in F5000 Class B (1972-1976 cars) was Paul Wilson in his 1973 March 73A (ex-John Cannon/Skip Barber car) With his biggest rivals Rick Parsons (1976 Lola T332 ex-Brian Redman car) and Jim Kelleher (1976 Shadow DN6 ex-Jackie Oliver car) hampered by electrical and fuel pump problems, Wilson dominated the race weekend in the F5000 group, winning both the qualifying and feature races.

Second place in Class B went to Tom Malloy in his 1974 ex-Vern Schuppan Jorgensen Eagle 755. Malloy drove a spirited race and stayed within sight of Wilson. Third place in Class B went to Todd Gerstenberger in a 1972 Chevron B24 (ex-Bobby Brown) who scrambled from the back of the field after missing the qualifying race due to mechanical problems
(broken input shaft).

The COTA event also was the final round of the 2013 F5000 Revival Race Series. Seb Coppola, who came to COTA leading in the points standing, was crowned Class A 2013 Formula 5000 Champion. Paul Wilson was crowned 2013 Champion in Class B with his repeat wins on Friday and Saturday, although coming to COTA trailing Rick Parsons with 12 points in his class. Wilson also received the SVRA 2013 National Championship Helmet with his F5000 group win on Saturday.

The U.S. Formula 5000 Drivers Association is a membership organization established to promote the restoration, presentation, registration and racing of historic Formula 5000 race cars. (

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