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11/11/2008 - Bud Moore's Memories of Darlington

Darlington, S.C. (Nov. 10, 2008) Bud Moore won't be pinned down by the question about his favorite driver at Darlington. Metaphorically speaking, he holds up a fistful of cards and says, "Pick one."

"Well, they all stick out," said 83-year-old Moore, whose 63 NASCAR Sprint Cup wins as a team owner still holds him in ninth place on the all-time list. "To go to... Read more...

4/14/2006 - The Long Wait

Decades Later, the “Jagwar” with two speedometers and the spinning engine still provides miles of smiles.

Truman was President. The Korean War was in full swing. I had just learned to ride my bicycle sans training wheels and was about to enter kindergarten. My daily concerns centered on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the Howdy Doody TV sho... Read more...